We have a fully equipped and functioning factory encompassing an area of around 10,000 sq. ft. and are geared with the state of the art machineries,which, includes:

  • CNC Turn-Mill Centers.
  • CNC Turning Centers.
  • CNC Milling Centers.
  • CNC Band-Saw machines.
  • Conventional Lathe and Drill machines.
  • Semi-Automated Traub machines.

ensure that the quality is never comprised. The facilities available at IVI functions to Other facilities include:

  • Design & testing Facilities.
  • Pneumatic testing to 10000psi .
  • Hydraulic testing up to 60000 Psi.
  • Hardness testing.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning.
  • Laser Marking.
  • PMI Testing. ,

SCADA Multi Test bench for testing Facilities as per ASTM F138/7 for Mechanically Attached Fittings :

  • Pneumatic Proof Test.
  • Hydrostatic Proof Test.
  • Impulse Testing.
  • Flexure Fatigue Testing.
  • Tensile Pull-Out Test.
  • Hydrostatic Burst Testing.
  • Rotary Flexure Testing.
  • Vibration Testing Equipment.
  • Elevated Temperature Soak Test.
  • Vacuum Testing.